ROMA / Parco di Torre del Fiscale

Via dell’Acquedotto Felice 120

20 june 2024
h 21.00

The concept of Divine Beasts implies images of mythical or sacred creatures that are significant in various cultures, religions, or mythologies, indicating power, mysticism, and beauty.
In the beginning, humans were subordinated to physically stronger species of the animal kingdom, but eventually became the masters and the ones who determined their fate. Today, the ethical dimension of humanity is reflected in saving all existing species, so this piece wants to honor all beings by using Ravel’s Bolero, which already in the avant- garde era of 20th century became divine with its melodic, rhythmic and harmonic repetitiveness. By choreographing on Bolero, Maša Kolar takes on the role of shaman to create a divine dance that takes on the physical, mental and spiritual attributes of a beast.

Duration: 15 min

Choreography / Maša Kolar
Dramaturg / Maja Marjančić
Dancers / Manuela Facelgi, Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello, Leopoldo Guadagno, Francesco Russo
Costume designer / Tiziana Barbaranelli
Light Designer / Jan Čief
Scenography / Cosimo De Luca
Music / Maurice Ravel
Electroacoustic musical processing / Višeslav Laboš
Production / Cornelia
Co-production / Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza
Support / Divadlo Studio Tanca

Bio Company

Cornelia is a dance company founded in 2019 in Naples by Nyko Piscopo, Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello, Eleonora Greco, Leopoldo Guadagno and Francesco Russo. The Team develops its productions in an artistic dimension between tradition and innovation – PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE – with the aim of questioning the codes of dance and creating a space for conscious research on the body in movement. In this dynamic scenario, the attention is moving towards contemporary themes such as the inclusiveness of the dancing body in all its forms and aesthetics, the expressive need of the new and old generations.