Concerto fetido su quattro zampe

ROMA / Parco di Torre del Fiscale

Via dell’Acquedotto Felice 120

15 june 2024
h 21.00

We wrote “Concerto fetido su quattro zampe” walking through the streets of our sad city, dreamed in the nuclear winters of the province, wanted in the house where we grew up and played on the piano in front of which our mother taught us to sing. In the desolation of the city where we grew up we ask for help from the animals we are. L’animale che dunque sono by Jacques Derrida and the album Destroy the Enemy by DSA commando, a rap group from the early 2000s, come to our aid, loose dogs who came out of our Liguria, people who grew up among the wind of the cliffs and the streets left dirty by tourists. Our concert is born from this strange union and its question is about animality, about the sense of ferocity and about this cursed evolution. From two different poles of the world, a forgotten rap and a philosophical pamphlet question us about who we are when we are naked like beasts in front of the beasts that we are.

Duration: 40 min

by and with Alice e Davide Sinigaglia; producer SCARTI Centro di Produzione Teatrale d’Innovazione; project selected by Powered by Ref; project by Romaeuropa Festival 2023 in the context of ANNILUCE_osservatorio di futuri possibili in collaboration with Carrozzerie n.o.t and 369 gradi srl; corealization residences Periferie Artistiche – Centro di Residenza Multidisciplinare del Lazio in network conATCL – multidisciplinary circuit of Lazio for Spazio Rossellini regional multidisciplinary cultural hub, Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo, Cranpi

Bio Artists

Alice and Davide Sinigaglia are two brothers and artists from La Spezia. Thanks to the SCARTI ETS Production center in 2018 they created Domino, Special Mention at the Scenario Infanzia award and Il Canto del Bidone, finalist at Scenario 2021. In the meantime Davide obtained the Level II Diploma in Percussion Instruments and worked as a musician in various European festivals and as performer at Karnival, a show by Michela Lucenti/Balletto Civile. At the same time, Alice obtained a diploma in directing at the Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi and worked as a director and assistant director alongside Serena Sinigaglia and Carmelo Rifici, among others.
Since 2023 Alice has directed the Festival “Tutta la vita davanti – theater festival for old people of the future”. In 2023 Davide took the advanced training course “Le parole del Corpo” by ERT.

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