ROMA / Parco di Torre del Fiscale

Via dell’Acquedotto Felice 120

21 june 2024
h 21.30

Body is at the center of Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello’s new creation which rereads Stravinsky’s Petrushka to showcase the contemporary woman distorted by the profound blows generated by society over time.

Duration: 15 min

Choreography / Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello
Dancer /Eleonora Greco
Assistant / Nyko Piscopo
Music designer /Pietro Santangelo
Costume designer / Tiziana Barbaranelli
Light Designer / Jan Čief
Scenography / Cosimo De Luca
Production / Cornelia
Co-production / Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza
Support / Divadlo Studio Tanca
Support /ABITARE project – Equilibrio Dinamico, Comune di Andria, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, Festival Castel dei Mondi

Bio Company

Cornelia is a dance company founded in 2019 in Naples by Nyko Piscopo, Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello, Eleonora Greco, Leopoldo Guadagno and Francesco Russo. The Team develops its productions in an artistic dimension between tradition and innovation – PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE – with the aim of questioning the codes of dance and creating a space for conscious research on the body in movement. In this dynamic scenario, the attention is moving towards contemporary themes such as the inclusiveness of the dancing body in all its forms and aesthetics, the expressive need of the new and old generations.

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