ROMA / Parco di Torre del Fiscale

Via dell’Acquedotto Felice 120

15, 16, 20, 21, 27, 28, 29 june 2024
h 19.30

The “sound landscape” is distributed in the Torre del Fiscale Park, at the infopoint we will give you instructions on where to find the QR codes. To follow the podcast / audio intineray you need your smartphone and headphones. Each ‘episode’ lasts 10 minutes. You are free to follow the whole route or just a part.

A disturbing animal nature with dark motivations attacks man with the precision of machines. A cohesive organism that thinks as a mass and that overturns the familiar categories with which humans order the world. Black and white, birds of prey or small birds become the narrative voice in Roberto Scarpetti’s original adaptation. Written in 1952, Gli uccelli (The birds) speaks to us, with the foresight typical of science fiction, of ecophobia, of a changed climate, of a black winter and of an apocalypse that comes from the sky. For Attraversamenti Multipli 2024, Gli uccelli can be listened to, divided into chapters, among the ruins of the Torre del Fiscale park. A layered listening where the active and out-of-control nature of The Birds takes shape in an unprecedented body of sound that mixes the narrative voices and musical dramaturgy with the sounds and noises of the park.

The spectacular version in the form of a multimedia melody for voices, music and images of The Birds was presented during IF /Invasioni (dal) Futuro_New Era*2022.

Total running time: 50 minutes –  Each “episode” lasts approximately 10 minutes

a project by lacasadargilla from the story of Daphne Du Maurier
adaptation Roberto Scarpetti
concept site specific Maddalena Parise / lacasadargilla
podcast director Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli, Alessandro Ferroni
narrative voices Lorenzo Frediani, Tania Garribba, Fortunato Leccese, Anna Mallamaci, Stefano Scialanga, Camilla Semino Favro
music dramaturg Alessandro Ferroni, Fabio Perciballi e brani di Erik Satie
el. devices Alessandro Ferroni
electric guitar Fabio Perciballi
sound designer Pasquale Citera
project assistant Matteo Finamore/ Flavio Murialdi

Bio Company

lacasadargilla brings together around Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli – author and director -, Alessandro Ferroni – director and sound designer -, Alice Palazzi – actress and project coordinator – and Maddalena Parise – researcher and visual artist -, a mobile group of actors, musicians, playwrights, visual artists. An extended ensemble working on performances, installations, special projects, curatorships and festivals. Latest creations: When the Rain Stops Falling winner of three UBU prizes (ERT/Teatro Nazionale production), L’amore del cuore (Teatro Vascello). Since 2014 he has realised the special project dedicated to science fiction IF /Invasioni (dal) Futuro, winner of the Bando dell’Estate Romana. From 2021 he is Associate Artist of Piccolo Teatro di Milano_Teatro d’Europa.

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