ROMA / Parco di Torre del Fiscale

Via dell’Acquedotto Felice 120

27 june 2024
h 20.00

Four timeless characters, balancing between ancient and modern, travel with their dwelling on wheels, exploring the space they pass through, confronting conflicts and resolutions, building on their differences the sense of being together. The “dwelling” is a practicable, wheeled step ladder inspired by Escher’s paradoxical drawings symbolizing the cyclical, infinite, and inexplicable movements that in this performance move the characters’ relationships.
The audience accompanies the journey of this surreal caravan moving between real and imaginary places, past and present, dream and reality using contemporary circus, street art, juggling, acrobatics, and beatbox to construct an original viewpoint on togetherness.

Duration: 30 min

Direction – Leonardo Varriale
with Anton de Guglielmo, Alessio Paolelli, Alice Bellini, Flavio Bedini “Step ladder” realization – Fabio Pecchioli

Bio Compagnia

Born in 2023 from the desire of five artists to produce performances and shows where circus techniques could become a narrative tool and pretext for a dialogue with the audience. Comprising jugglers and acrobats with a passion for theater, Flaan debuts with “Theseus,” a poetic and acrobatic show. Aiming to consolidate contemporary Roman circus, the collective promotes collaborations with festivals and circus schools. Members include Leonardo Varriale, Anton de Guglielmo, Francesco Fiore, Alice Bellini, Nicola Carbone, Flavio Bedini, and Alessio Paolelli.