ROMA / Parco di Torre del Fiscale

Via dell’Acquedotto Felice 120

30 june 2023
h: 21.00

a multiform event around the theatre and dramaturgy of Franco Scaldati
co-produced by: Attraversamenti Multipli, Cranpi and Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo
articulated in the presentation of the editorial project curated by Valentina Valentini and Viviana Raciti and in a reading


presentation of editorial project
Notturno Scaldati_prologue
presentation of the editorial project “FRANCO SCALDATI – TEATRO” (Marsilio Editori)
curated by Valentina Valentini and Viviana Raciti

Valentina Valentini and Viviana Raciti present the editorial project dedicated to Franco Scaldati’s theatre texts that they are editing for Marsilio Editori within the event “Notturno Scaldati”. Of the large body of plays written by Franco Scaldati (1943- 2013) in more than forty years of activity, only thirteen have been published. His theatre has had little circulation in Italy in the form of both literary texts and performances. Ten years after his death, a publishing project of his entire production for the theatre, divided into eight chronologically ordered volumes, sees the light of day. To date, the first three volumes have been published, covering a time span from 1975 to 1997.



texts by Franco Scaldati
with: Melino Imparato, Daria Deflorian, Gioia Salvatori, Stefano Scialanga, Emanuela Villagrossi
co-produced by: Cranpi, Teatro del Quarticciolo, Margine Operativo and Attraversamenti Multipli

Notturno Scaldati is a poetic journey inside ‘Scaldati’s’ theatre crossed by a strong contact with the reality of the neighbourhoods, the daily exchange with the people living in the area, the re-conquest of a language such as Palermo’s and all the expressive mechanisms linked to it, the political and civil meaning of doing theatre in the Albergheria neighbourhood in the heart of one of the largest historical centres in Europe. Notturno Scaldati is a polyphonic performance, a journey through the theatrical works of Franco Scaldati, given voice byMelino Imparato – actor, collaborator, of Franco Scaldati from the beginning – Daria Deflorian, Gioia Salvatori, Stefano Scialanga and Emanuela Villagrossi.