Attraversamenti Multipli is a festival created by the group Margine Operativo. It questions the relationships between contemporary artistic languages and the present times by inserting cross-disciplinary events in public spaces and in symbolic places of urban transformations.


Attraversamenti Multipli is a project that loves to move on the border lines between different artistic codes and in the areas of proximity between art and life.

Attraversamenti Multipli 2022 is a project by Margine Operativo, under the artistic direction of Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani.
It is realized with the contribution
of the Regione Lazio with the “Fondo Unico 2022 sullo Spettacolo dal Vivo”,
of Roma Capitale – Assessorato alla Cultura, it is the winner of the public notice “Estate Romana 2020-2021- 2022” edited by the Cultural Activities Department in collaboration with Siae.

Attraversamenti Multipli is a three-years period project (2020-2021-2022) accompanied by the theme / slogan “everything is connected”.
The butterfly effect concerns our fragility and our total interdependence. We are all interconnected through non-linear relationships.

We live in a damaged planet and, as Donna Haraway* writes, the only solution is to build relational plots between each other: human individuals and other species. We are not self-sufficient, we are a complex and articulated reality.


Being in the world and building worlds are collective and multiple exercises, in which acting means, consciously or unconsciously, acting in interaction with other creatures and with different social, cultural and environmental contexts.

everything is connected

everything is connected

everything is connected

everything is connected

everything is connected

tutto è connesso

tutto è connesso

tutto è connesso

tutto è connesso

tutto è connesso

Attraversamenti Multipli 2022 reclaims the public space, makes it flexible, crossable.

It articulates a participatory dimension that keeps at the center the idea of common good.
The urban spaces in which it acts become rhizomatic and inclusive, linked to the forms of life that move and grow with us and around us.

Attraversamenti Multipli 2022 is a participatory device and a vital space of relationship. A human landscape created by the bodies that meet, the looks that cross and the sharing of spaces / thoughts / actions.

For Attraversamenti Multipli 2022 interfacing with public space means inhabiting “a place capable of offering us the possibility of a radical perspective from which to look, create, imagine alternatives and new worlds… a space that makes possible and encourages different and ever-changing perspectives, a space in which we discover new ways of seeing reality, the frontiers of difference.” (bell hooks)

Attraversamenti Multipli enhances through its artistic actions regenerated spaces and places that are protagonists of processes of transformation of the urban fabric.
 It is in close connection with the context in which it develops involving local networks and energies in a local / global perspective.

Within a project arc that began in 2017

Attraversamenti Multipli inhabits in Rome the Quadraro district

and in this edition involves a new space: the Park of Torre del Fiscale, which is inhabited by site specific in dialogue with the extraordinary urban / natural / archaeological landscape of this “green wedge” in a green and sustainable perspective.

The 2022 edition of the festival develops

from June 10 to 18 in Rome at the Quadraro between Largo Spartaco and the Torre del Fiscale Park, June 25 and 26 in Toffia (Rieti).

In the program, always in the perspective of the interconnection between artistic action/spectators/urban landscapes, there are: site specific works created for the festival in interaction with the spaces that welcome them; artistic projects with particular relational formats that try to dissolve the boundaries between performers and spectators to build an encounter; a space to inhabit; performances that hybridize different artistic genres; shows dedicated to new generations of spectators.

Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani

The artists of Attraversamenti Multipli 2022 are:


Staff | Attraversamenti Multipli 2022

a project of
Margine Operativo
artistic direction
Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani
press office & communication
Chiara Crupi / Artinconnessione
production secretary
Vera Caruso
social media
Irene De Marco

graphic project
Peter Blackfish
webdesign and graphics
Elisa Antonacci, Flyer
infopoint and ticket office
Camilla Gorga and Vera Caruso
logistics and public reception
Fabrizio Aramini and Claudia Venier
Carolina Farina

Blog coordination
Luca Lotano
sound designer
Dario Salvagnini
light designer
Marco Guarrera, Camila Chiozza
Stefano Cormino
organizational and technical coordination
Margine Operativo
in collaboration with
Garage Zero

Traces of the path of Attraversamenti Multipli:

Attraversamenti Multipli is a multidisciplinary festival that questions the relationships between contemporary performing arts and the present by placing shows and performances in urban landscapes and regenerated places.

Attraversamenti Multipli is conceived and realized by the artistic group Margine Operativo.

The first edition took place in 2001 in Rome.
Attraversamenti Multipli for many years has been nomadic, crossing in every edition different places and spaces of the metropolis of Rome: from the subway stations to spaces of industrial archeology, such as Officine Marconi (ex Italcable), from the Universities of Tor Vergata and La Sapienza to the pedestrian islands (Pigneto, S. Lorenzo, Largo Spartaco). Lorenzo, Largo Spartaco and Casal Bertone), from libraries (Biblioteca Goffredo Mameli) to multipurpose spaces such as Garage Zero, Esc Atelier and Centrale Preneste Teatro, with a predilection for redeveloped and regenerated places that symbolize the transformations of the city.

In 2014 it took place not only in Rome but also in Naples: in the art stations of the subway. In 2017 it inhabited a regenerated space in the historical center of Genoa. In some editions it proposed events in the province of Rome and in the Lazio Region. 
Since 2017 – within a project arc that extends until 2022 – the festival has chosen to “inhabit” with its artistic actions a popular and densely inhabited area of Rome, the Quadraro district and one of its fulcrums: the pedestrian island of Largo Spartaco, a space that the festival had already crossed with some events in previous editions.

During its 21 editions it has been supported by Roma Capitale, Lazio Region and the Province of Rome. In 2021 it was also supported by the MIC – Ministry of Culture.
The start-up in 2001 took place with a grant from Zone Attive.
In 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 a cross-disciplinary event of Attraversamenti Multipli – which ran from dusk to dawn – was part of the program of the NOTTE BIANCA of Rome.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016 the project was declared by Roma Capitale “Festival of particular interest for the cultural life of the City 2014-2016”.
In 2014 Attraversamenti Multipli was also held in Naples with the support of the Universal Forum of Cultures and UNESCO. In 2017 Attraversamenti Multipli took place also in Genoa with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo in the context of “ORA! Linguaggi contemporanei Produzioni innovative”. 
In 2016, 2017 and 2019 a part of the festival was intertwined with the project “CONTACT ZONES_performing arts in urban spaces” realized by Margine Operativo and supported by the European Union within the Creative Europe program.
In 2021 the book “ATTRAVERSAMENTI MULTIPLI 2001 – 2020. A journey through the mobile horizons of contemporary performing arts” edited by Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani – published by Editoria & Spettacolo.

Margine Operativo

is a multidisciplinary artistic group coordinated by Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani.

Its fields of action are: theater, performing arts, video.

Since the beginning it has had a polyform and mixed nature that has led it to act on several fronts of contemporary artistic creation: from the production of theatrical shows and performance formats balanced between different artistic codes, to research on video language.

In his DNA he carries the conviction that art is a device that can create change and the propensity to create connections with other projects / artists and with the spaces of cultural activism.

These characteristics have delineated another area of action for Margine Operativo: the creation of events and the conception and realization of the multidisciplinary festival Attraversamenti Multipli – proposed annually since 2001 – which questions the relationships and interferences between contemporary artistic languages and the present, inserting artistic events in unusual locations and urban spaces.
Margine Operativo combines the work of artistic production with an intense activity in the field of networking with other festivals/artists/companies active in the protection of the rights of workers in the performing arts and in the promotion of contemporary cultures.

In his shows and performances he presses the emergencies of the present addressing the complexity of reality through the multiplicity of the contemporary.

The Cultural Association Margine Operativo was founded in Rome in 2001.

In 2018 was published the book “I teatri di Margine Operativo” edited by Andrea Pocosgnich, in the series Spaesamenti – publishing house Editoria & Spettacolo.