The beat of reality

crossing borders, exploring worlds and discovering connections


Public meeting
as part of the festival Attraversamenti Multipli 2022
curated by Margine Operativo

17 June – 5 pm
Cittadini del Mondo Intercultural Library – Viale Opita Oppio 41, Roma
admission free


The festival Attraversamenti Multipli 2022, within a three-year project, is accompanied by the theme / slogan everything is connected.
The butterfly effect / butterfly effect concerns our fragility and our total interdependence.
We are all interconnected through non-linear relationships.

We live on a damaged planet and, as Donna Haraway writes, the only solution is to build relational plots with the other: human individuals and other species. We are not self-sufficient, we are a complex and articulated reality.

Being in the world and building worlds are collective and multiple exercises, in which acting means, consciously or unconsciously, acting in interaction with other creatures and different social, cultural and environmental contexts.

The meeting “Il battito del reale” (The beat of reality ) is the first stage of a series of meetings / talks / comparisons on contemporary performing arts curated by Margine Operativo that will culminate in a conference in the 2023 edition of the Attraversamenti Multipli festival.

The 17 June appointment aims to reflect on the new challenges posed to the performing arts universe by an ever-changing “real”. A public discussion to share ideas and practices, to create an exchange of visions between different festivals and projects that are experimenting with innovative actions in the relationship between the performing arts, the spaces they inhabit (urban spaces / public spaces / regenerated spaces) and the spectators / communities. A meeting to continue to articulate a shared reflection on the trajectories underway in the performing arts scene of dialogue and interaction with urban and natural landscapes, and on the paths of creation of participatory devices and dynamics capable of relating through new modalities with different audiences.



MASSIMO CAROSI – Artistic Director of Danza Urbana – Bologna
International Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes

LUCA RICCI – Artistic Director of Kilowatt Festival – Sansepolcro and Cortona (Arezzo) and of the international project Be SpectACTive!

VALENTINA MARINI – Artistic Director of the International Festival Fuori Programma – Rome
President A.I.D.A.P Italian Dance Production Association

LUCA LOTANO – Curator of the project REM Redazioni – Laboratori di visione interculturali, with the online magazine “Teatro e Critica)

TIZIANO PANICI – Artistic Director of the Dominio Pubblico project and of the Argot Studio Theatre – Rome

GIULIA VANNI – Directing Council of the Teatro del Lido / TDL Association and director of the Valdrada Association – Rome

ALESSANDRA FERRARO – Artistic director of the festival Attraversamenti Multipli and of the Margine Operativo group