Roma – Parco di Torre del Fiscale

Via dell’Acquedotto Felice 120

8 july 2023
h: 21.00

“If I hadn’t opened my car door, if I hadn’t met those eyes in the rear-view mirror and smiled back. If only I had gone to another street, or
if I had stayed one more day in another city, everything would have been so different. Would it have been just as nice, would it have been nicer, would I have ended up meeting those people just the same, but in a different way?
In this car I met, we met, I waited for you, I spied on you. The machine from a certain point of view knows everything….
It contains evidence of things done in life … of things we have quickly hidden. It collects and preserves the memory we no longer have … it solidifies it under a seat.

Here I have prepared speeches, dreamed, feared, cried, hidden behind glass, deliberately allowed that glass to fog up.

But I practised.

I observed life in motion, I saw my face change reflected in the mirror. I was able to stop quickly, stop someone, chase them, convince them that if they got back in the car with me for a moment, I would explain everything.

And then… I can drive away, even a long way, and I can come back whenever I want.
I live here.”

Duration: 20 min

coreografia / Mauro Astolfi
Interpeti / Spellbound Contemporary Ballet
Una produzione Spellbound con il contributo del Ministero della Cultura


Spellbound Contemporary Ballet was founded in 1994 by the choreographer Mauro Astolfi, leaded since 1996 by him together with Valentina Marini. Strengthened by an unmistakable stylistic code enhanced by an ensemble of dancers of excellence, Spellbound is now one of the most renewed Italian team at the international level, fashinating the audiences of the main festivals in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The experience of over 25 years in the professional field has enhanced the know-how of a solid team of professionals capable of embracing production projects with a strong international focus. Since 2000, Spellbound’s activities have been supported by the Ministry of Culture and since 2022 it has been accredited in the role of National Dance Production Centre with the larger project ORBITA|Spellbound co-directed by Astolfi and Marini.

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