MARGINE OPERATIVO / Certo io resisterò

Roma – Parco di Torre del Fiscale

Via dell’Acquedotto Felice 120

6 july 2023
h: 21.30

On 8 November 1926 Antonio Gramsci, in violation of his parliamentary immunity, was arrested in Rome and imprisoned in the Regina Coeli prison. The trial of twenty-two communist defendants also began in Rome on 28 May 1928; Mussolini had instituted the Special Fascist Tribunal on 1 February 1927. Antonio Gramsci is accused of conspiratorial activity, incitement to civil war, apologia for crime and incitement to class hatred. On 4 June Gramsci was sentenced to twenty years, four months and five days imprisonment; on 19 July he went to prison in Turi, in the province of Bari. The public prosecutor concluded his indictment with this sentence:
‘For twenty years we must stop this brain from working’.
The letters from prison are full of references, even crude ones, to the situation of the chained body, its molecular transformations, the progressive decay of the prisoner’s vital functions. In addition to their literary value, they are a vibrant testimony to the journey of a man who, locked up in the solitude of a prison, going through moments of discouragement and suffering, did not stop pursuing his political and human battle.

Duration: 40 min

Ispirato a Lettere dal carcere di Antonio Gramsci
Regia: Pako Graziani
Con: Stefano Scialanga
Sound designer: Dario Salvagnini
Light designer: Marco Guarrera
Produzione: Margine Operativo
Coproduzione: Twain
In collaborazione con:
Q44 – Festival della Resistenza e della Memoria,
Garage Zero e Fortezza Est

Bio Company

Margine Operativo is a multidisciplinary artistic group coordinated by Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani. Its fields of action are: theatre, performing arts, video. Since the beginning it has had a polyform and mixed nature that has led it to act on several fronts of contemporary artistic creation: from the production of theater shows and performance formats balanced between different artistic codes, to research on video language. In his performances he presses the emergencies of the present addressing the complexity of reality through the multiplicity of the contemporary.
Since 2001, Margine Operativo has curated the multidisciplinary festival Attraversamenti Multipli.

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