Natural Landscape/s

ROMA / Parco di Torre del Fiscale

Via dell’Acquedotto Felice 120

29,30 june – 1,7,8 july
From 21.30

Natural Landscape/S is a multidimensional format traversed by a continuous and ever-changing flow of images where reality and the fantastic intersect.
A “natural landscape/s,” a visual blitz that transforms the arches of the aqueducts of Torre del Fiscale Park into dynamic screens on which images play with the viewer’s perception, captured in an experience where reality merges with fiction. The live video stream intertwined with visual design give birth to a hybrid visual performance creating a surprising universe connoted by imaginative biodiversity and beneficial collisions.

Duration: no stop

live & visual: Liz / FLxER
video content: FLxER
production: AVnode, Margine Operativo, Attraversamenti Multipli

Bio Company and Artist

FLxER Team was born in 2001 around the developing of FLxER software born from the idea of using a computer in order to realise a live video performance, similarly to what was already happening in the electronic music production/performance.
Since none of the expensive consumer video software available in the market did allow to perform in real time, the solution was to independently design and develop an application able to solve this problem. Since 2001 many FLxER visual and audio visual shows, video mappings and installations was hosted in festivals, museums, clubs, squats and outdoor spaces all over the world.

Graduated at La Sapienza University of Rome in Graphics and Multimedia Design, fascinated by the world of visuals in the broadest sense of the word, Elisa works in areas where the eclecticism of the image reveals all its power.
She is involved with a studio that produces international festivals focused on live video performances, visuals and vjs.
Attracted by the versatility of the image and the thousand applications that it can find in digital, Elisa – or as a Visual Artist, Liz – approaches the FLxER Team, a collective that works in the way of performing art. It is in this environment that he cultivates his passion for digital innovations.
Curious and attentive to what surrounds her, she is constantly looking for new stimuli.

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