Nunca bailaré solo

Roma – Parco di Torre del Fiscale

Via dell’Acquedotto Felice 120

7 july 2023
h: 20.30

How can the inexpressible be expressed? Can the feeling of loss, of hope be expressed only with movement, with dance?
Let’s accompany Diego Garrido in his evolution as an artist, which is transported to us in his latest piece: ‘Nunca bailaré solo’. The dancer makes us travel in order to find the hope, which vanished after a great loss. He offers us to find brightness that makes its way through the shadows, the dancer being such light himself, and serves us as spectators, so we can remember that within us there is also that light, and that hope, which could be more or less forgotten.
A particular vision of how to understand as well as interpret our emotions and transform them to delight the senses. The corporal harmony, the movements of the artist, and the staging transcend the merely physical. They transport us to a more dreamlike, mysterious dimension full of hope.

Duration: 12 min

Director: Diego Garrido
Performer: Diego Garrido
Texts: Alejandro Samaniego
Photo: Olga Segura
Artist Residency: Cal Gras
Production: Iron Skulls Co.

2021 / Certamen CDC4 – Audience Award
2022 / Festival 15m2 – Audience Award and Set Designer Creation Award

Bio Company

Iron Skulls Co is a dance company based in Barcelona directed by Moisés “Moe”, Diego Garrido, Héctor Plaza “Buba” and Luis A. Muñoz. Since 2013, the company has focused on investigating and innovating the limits of movement through the hybridization of breaking (breakdance) with other artistic disciplines, with the aim of transmitting culture through the performing arts.
The company’s primary language is breaking, while the dancer’s training and immersion in contemporary dance and performing arts offers a sensitivity and stage virtuosity. They have incorporated different languages of artistic expression such as contact, butoh, physical theater or circus. This combination of influences provides the company with a distinctive identity called Theatrical Breakin’, a language of movement and a creation methodology.

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