Roma – Parco di Torre del Fiscale

Via dell’Acquedotto Felice 120

5 july 2023
h: 21.30

In a forest devastated by a blazing fire, a wild cat named Lyanne wanders. Disoriented and incredulous, she decides to investigate the causes of the fire to ensure that it never happens again. Her search leads her to meet the three amphibians Spark, Flame and Ash: a yellow- bellied toad, a spectacled salamander and a crested newt. Together they will embark on the adventure that will take them to discover the interconnection between the four elements and all natural phenomena.
“Fire Charmers” is the third show by Fossick Project, duo formed by the illustrator Cecilia Valagussa and the singer/ composer Marta del Grandi. The artists bring on stage a contemporary form of shadow theater, a musical journey to tell stories inspired by the endangered animal species and the wonders of the planet, that invite the public to reflect on man’s relationship with the earth beneath.

Duration: 40 min

Musica di Marta del Grandi
Animazione di Cecilia Valagussa

Bio Artists

Fossick Project is a duo formed by the illustrator Cecilia Valagussa and the musician Marta Del Grandi. Their collaboration began in 2016, when the two artists lived in Belgium and led them to perform in Italy, Belgium, France, India, Nepal and Thailand.
Initially conceived as a setup for improvisation shows, the performance evolved with storytelling as a central element: inspired by nature and the animal world, they decided to focus on the theme of animals in danger of extinction and to write visual and musical narratives that evoke their characteristics and fragility.
Their live shows consist of Cecilia’s analog animation on the overhead projector, on which she moves the characters drawn on scraps of colored film and other materials such as sand, water and small objects. Marta writes songs and instrumental pieces in which the voice is combined with synths, guitars, beats and field recordings of the places where the shows are produced.
The duo has so far produced four shows: “Long Tong Tales” (2018), “The Great Giant Leap” (2019) and “Fire Charmers” (2020) and “Gilgamesh” (2022). In 2020 they made their first analogue music and animation short film “Wild Card” (20 min) on the theme of wildlife trafficking and the pandemic, starring a couple of pangolins. For this project they collaborated with Trip-Hop music producer Howie B (Bjork, Massive Attack, U2 …), The film was co-produced with the Thai music festival Wonderfruit.

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