/ Metamorphosis in Natura

Parco di Torre del Fiscale, Roma
15 – 16 june 2022
h 20.00

A new, delicate research project on the fine line between man and beast; an investigation into transformations, change, physical and spiritual alteration of being, the search for one’s own nature, identity, form. The exact instant in which everything suddenly becomes the opposite of everything, in which we no longer recognize ourselves, yet everything appears vivid, in which the veins are crossed by new lymph and we abandon ourselves to the acceptance of a new “I” without judging it too much , name it, baptize it.
Everything goes back to its origins, it becomes bestial, nature, earth. In the contemporary frailty and human smallness of everyday life, the beast in the heart is perhaps the explosion we really need to feel alive again.

Duration: 25 minutes

Creazione originale e interpretazione
Carlo Massari

Collaborazione tecnica
Francesco Massari

C&C Company

In co-produzione con
Margine Operativo

Company bio

Born in 2011, C&C is a project that aims to create and develop an evolving artistic language. It investigates physicality and dramaturgy, transmitting and sharing energy and creativity in the most direct, clear and authentic possible way in front of the urgent contemporary social issues. C&C is interested in the depth of interpersonal relationships: a search for relational truth that characterizes poetics and which is combined with a total imaginative openness capable of bringing the audience closer to the theatrical experience.

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