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for dancers, performers, actors

The workshop takes place in Rome within the program of ATTRAVERSAMENTI MULTIPLI Festival, in the framework of the European project “Contact Zones _ performing arts in urban spaces” – Contact Zones Project
A scenic outcome of the workshop is scheduled for September 28th.

A FREE workshop of contamination between dance / performing art and urban spaces, an exploration of the possible combinations in the creative process between body & mind, in relation to urban spaces and unconventional places.

The workshop will be held:
on 25, 26, 27, 28 September
from h. 15 to h. 20

at GarageZero via Treviri, Rome
and in urban spaces of Quadraro district – Rome

The sitespecific performance realized during the workshop will be presented to the public:
Saturday 28 September 2019 at h. 22 in Largo Spartaco, Rome
within the program of the 2019 Attraversamenti Multipli festival -led by Margine Operativo.

Participation is FREE
and is open to a maximum of 15 participants.

To participate: it is necessary to send – WITHIN 30 AUGUST –
a short curriculum inserting in the subject:
NAME _ LAST NAME _ Real workshop is rare
at the address:

Appropriate different spaces lead to imagine new scenic configurations, experiment new reports to the audience.

The relation to oneself, to others and to space are at the heart of the creations of the company and of this workshpo. The themes addressed in the creations are always underpinned by a reflection on the status of artist, the work done on oneself and its relation to the expectations of others and society concerning the artistic gesture.

of Tunisian origins, he soon discovered the universe of dance. After training with Sybel Ballet Theatre Company, he danced in 2003 in the youth company of the National Ballet of Tunisia. He continued his studies thanks to the scholarship of the École Nationale Supérieure de Danse Contemporaine in Angers, where he studied with choreographers such as Trisha Brown, Ko Murobushi, David Zambrano, Loic Touzé and Will Montero. In 2004, the world of cinema inspired him and was involved for an interpretation in the feature film, “Making off”, with the director Nourri Bouzid, Tanit d’or prize at the Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage.
In 2007 he worked with Compagnie Osmosis Physical Dance Theater and dance on Highway Of The Sun, TRANSIT, (There) stars in the world and Dance Room International Hotel. He collaborates with various companies, he meets the work of The Ballet C de la B and Ultima Vez.
After the Tunisian revolution he founded his collective: BROTHA FROM ANOTHER MOTHA.

The company BROTHA FROM ANOTHER MOTHA is founded in March 2011. Artistic curiosity and political events push Seifeddine Manaï to work in Tunisia where he wants to train young Tunisians who are inhabited by this movement of society: the Arab Spring. The company forges and evolves during travels and representations abroad, especially in France, Sweden, Italy, South Korea or New York. The choreographer, always curious about new artistic and human encounters, is developing the company’s international work through new collaborations in France, England and Switzerland between 2011 and 2017. Brotha From Another Motha is a company in search of poetry; she develops over time a signature in the physical and theatrical dance. The performers are of various nationalities (France, Tunisia, South Korea and Spain). This identity gives it a universal look dear to the choreographer who approaches dance and creation as a means of freedom and expression beyond borders.




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