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Attraversamenti Multipli is a festival created by Margine Operativo that questions the relationships between contemporary artistic languages and the present by inserting cross-disciplinary events in public spaces and in places that symbolize urban transformations.

Attraversamenti Multipli is a project that loves to move on the boundary lines between different artistic codes and in the areas of proximity between art and life.

In its 19th journey, Attraversamenti Multipli is accompanied by the theme / slogan worlds, and undertrack it continues to live the word that accompanied us the previous year: trespassing.
We started in the 2018 edition proposing to cross borders:the boundaries between different cultures, the boundaries between artistic genres, the boundaries between spectator and artistic action, now, in addition to trespassing as a constituent process of encounter and comparison, we propose the exploration / imagination / creation of new worlds.
Attraversamenti Multipli 2019 is an invitation to explore the multiplicity of the existing and what has not yet been but could be.
An invitation to curiosity, to that necessary and active curiosity that has always driven human beings to look for alternatives, to overcome the boundaries (material and immaterial) and to cancel them, to claim freedom of movement, to explore new territories with their eyes turned towards the horizon.
It is exploration that guides the 2019 journey of Attraversamenti Multipli, an exploration through the new forms of the contemporary scene in the company of artists who hybridise different languages of the performing arts, proposing works with particular and innovative formats, artists who are confronted with urban landscapes, and who, thanks to the synergy between works, public and urban space, create new artistic universes.
Our exploration is aimed at the infinite possible worlds , it tries to invent new destinies, finding already-traced paths that have not yet been beaten and outlining new trajectories.
In this journey we continue to be accompanied by the conviction that art also has the task of opening passages, outlining future scenarios, overcoming frontiers, strengthening the vocation of public spaces to be places of life, generate and cultivate utopias, trace new maps beyond what is known, towards new worlds.

Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani / Margine Operativo

The artists of the 2019 journey of Attraversamenti Multipli are:


Carefully read the warnings before use:

Attraversamenti Multipli is a cross-disciplinary festival
without protection nets, without check points, without structures perimetering
the performing area.
All the space of Largo Spartaco and the neighboring areas of Quadraro,
become the place of artistic events.
The prospects change every day.
Visions become multiple and the perceptions particular.
The fronts are changeable and the sessions different.
You can stand up, sit on chairs, low walls, on the floor,
looking out of the windows or from a parked car.
Listening, observing, seeing, speaking in a low voice, gently answering the phone and never raising the voice too much.
You will mix with many others.
Some come specially, others come by chance, and some others will find themselves there like every day.
At first you could have a moment of spatial and visual disorientation.

We will give you the coordinates while you choose the method of participation.

From the 14th to the 28th of September 2019, in the Quadraro district of Rome, the 19th edition of the cross– disciplinary festival Attraversamenti Multipli takes place, under the theme / slogan worlds .

The festival is conceived and organized by the theater company Margine Operativo , under the artistic direction of Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani, and is part of the program of the Roman Summer, promoted by ROMA CAPITALE Department of Cultural Growth in collaboration with SIAE and is realized with the contribution of the LAZIO REGION and of the EUROPEAN UNION within the Creative Europe program.
The festival investigates the relationship between contemporary performing arts and the present through the presentation of site specific performances and performances in urban landscapes and in unconventional places.

Attraversamenti Multipli is in close connection with the context in which it acts , it enhances, through its artistic actions, redeveloped urban spaces and protagonists of self-recovery processes, relating to the fabric of the community that welcomes it.
The 2019 edition takes place in Rome and in a town in the province of Rieti: Toffia.

It re-launches its multi-faceted and mestizo nature in which different practices of contemporary arts, from theater to dance to site specific, have citizenship and mutual dialogue.

It presents shows and performances with particular formats , both temporal and spatial, which question the relationships and boundaries between artistic action, spectators and places , and which seek to dissolve the boundaries between performer and spectator to build a meeting and a “space” to live .

In its program it hosts 20 companies of artists who are different from each other by generation and poetics , but are united by their research to weave and expand the languages of contemporary performing arts creating innovative works that force genres, go beyond borders and explore new worlds.

It produces, through the artistic residences, particular site-specific performances created for the places that host them.
In this edition, Attraversamenti Multipli enriches its programming by hosting young and emerging international artists selected within the European project CONTACT ZONES performing arts in urban spaces, supported for the second time by the European Union’s Creative Europe program . Contact Zones develops and extends the artistic research of Attraversamenti Multipli on the relationships between performing arts, urban spaces and the public in a European dimension and strengthens the scouting work that has characterized the festival for years.

There is also space for training in Rome with three free workshops for performers / dancers.

In continuity with the 2018 edition also in 2019 the festival will be narrated live by an editorial staff made up of migrants and asylum seekers of the project Migrant spectators / social actors, born from an idea of Luca Lotano of Theater and Criticism , http: //, to continue experimenting with multiple worlds.

In alphabetical order

Accademia degli Artefatti (teatro/performance), Acid Orchestra (musica), Ada Performance (performance), Adam F (musica elettronica), Aerosouls (live painting), Alessandra Cristiani (danza/performance), Alessandro Carboni (performing art), Alessandro Lumare (performance), Alessandro Pintus / Non company (danza/performance), Aleksandros Memetaj (teatro ), Alessio Spataro (fumetti ), Amigdala (performance /teatro ), Anagrama (danza /performance), Andrea Fideilo (circo/teatro), Andrea Lai (musica), Annika Pannito (danza), Antonio Tagliarini (teatro – danza), Argot Produzioni (teatro), Artemis Papageorgiou & Gabriella Mastrangelo (installazioni / arte visiva), Art de Pazze (performance), Arti Illesi (danza), Ascanio Celestini (teatro), Assalti Frontali (musica), Balletto civile (danza /performace), Baron ( musica elettronica), Barokthegreat (performance), Bartolini / Baronio ( teatro / performance), Blitz (teatro ), Bloody Walkers (musica elettronica), Bonnot (musica), Botega (danza), Bol (graffiti), Boomerang Production (video), C&C company ( danza- teatro fisico), CEAT- Centro Experimental d’Arte Tessier (teatro/performance), Claudia Catarzi ( danza), Collettivo Cinetico (danza/performance), Collettivo Pirate Jenny (performance/danza), Collettivo D.A.B. – Dance Across Border (danza), Compagnia Capotrave (teatro), Casina Benedetta (installazioni/performance), Catia dalla Muta (danza / performance), Cie Twain (danza), Claudio Calia (comics), Clinica Mammut (teatro /performance), Costanza (musica), Daniele Ninarello/Codeduomo, Daniele Timpano/Amnesia Vivace (teatro), Daria Greco (danza), Dj Wildchild ( musica), Ed Rush (musica elettronica), Eleonora Calvelli (fotografia), Fiorenza Menni / Teatrino Clandestino (peroformance/teatro), Fly in Moscow Ensemble (musica), Fortebraccio Teatro/Roberto Latini (teatro), Francesca Lombardo (danza/performance), Francesca Foscarini ( danza/performance), Francesco Capuano e Nicola Picardi (danza, Francesco Leineri (musica), Fupete (street art / performance), Garten (teatro), Giano (installazioni/performance), Gioia Salvatori (teatro), Giovanna Velardi I.B.I (danza), Giselda Ranineri / Aldes (danza), Giulio Stasi / Rosabella Teatro ( performance / teatro), Helen Cerina (danza), Ice One (musica elettronica), Instabili Vaganti (teatro/performance), Isola Teatro (teatro), JunglaBeat (musica), Kento & Dj Fuzzten (musica), Keramik Papier (performance), L’ Archimandrita (teatro), Lalish Theater Labor (teatro/performance), Le Cardamomò (musica), Lello Voce (poesia/performance), Lex (street art), Lorenzo Ceccotti / LRNZ(fumetti), Lucamaleonte (street art), Luisa Cortesi (danza), Macelleria Ettore (teatro), Madame Rebiné (circo/teatro), Maddai (danza), Manuel De Carli (comics), Manolo Muoio ( performance), Marco Messina (musica), Mariangela Gualtieri/ Teatro Valdoca (poesia/teatro), Marco Teatro (comics), Margine Operativo (teatro/performance), Matteo Fantoni (danza), Maurizio Ribichini (comics), Meg (musica), Michela Minguzzi / Aldo Becca (danza /performance), Militant A (musica), MK (danza), Mondo Cane (musica), Mr Bang ( teatro / performance), Nano Egidio ( teatro /performance), Nanirossi (circo contemporaneo), Olivia Giovannini (danza/performance), Ondadurto teatro ( teatro /performance), Nicoletta Cabassi (danza), Økapi (musica elettronica), Ortika teatro (teatro), Paolo Sentinelli (musica), Qui e Ora residenza teatrale (teatro), Progetto Demoni (teatro/performance), Pugni in tasca (musica), Riot Generation Video (video / installazioni), Rita Petruccioli ( fumetti / illustrazioni), Roberto Latini / Fortebraccio Teatro (teatro), Salvo Lombardo / Chiasma (performance / danza), Sandro Joyeux + Inoussa Dembele (musica), SantaSangre (teatro /performance), Sara Marasso & Stefano Risso ( danza + musica / performance), Schuko (danza/performance), Semivolanti (teatro), Shimon (musica), Simona Bertozzi (danza/performance), Simone Giustinelli (teatro/performance), Simone Zambelli & Filippo Porro (danza/performance), Sistemi Dinamici Altamente Instabili (danza), 7-8 chili (danza/performance), Stefano Taiuti/Zeitgeist (danza), Sten (street art), Sonic Visioners (musica), Sonusloci (installazioni), Teatro delle Apparizioni (teatro), Teatro Deluxe (teatro/performance), Testimone Oculare ( musica), Têtes de Bois (musica), Three Blind Mice (teatro), Tiziano Panici (teatro), Tijuana Taxi (video), Toni Bruno (comics), Tony Clifton Circus (performance/teatro), Triangolo Scaleno Teatro (teatro), Trota (graffiti), Truba Pirates (musica), Urban Pressure (musica), Valerio Malorni & Simone Amendola (teatro), Valerio Sirna / Dom (performing art), Veeblefetzer (musica), ZeroCalcare (fumetti), ZimmerFrei (teatro /installazioni).