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ROME | 14 – 28 September 2019 |

days of events: 14,15,20, 21,22,27,28 September

Toffia (Rieti) | 5 and 6 October |


Attraversamenti Multipli 2019 takes place in urban spaces .For each show/ performance there TICKETS come AT POPULAR PRICES . Each ticket helps us make this edition of the festival sustainable.By choice no urban space “inhabited ” by Attraversamenti Multipli will be “closed” or cordoned off, everything will be accessible and “open”.You can buy tickets directly at the festival’s infopoint / ticket office in Largo Spartaco.
We ask for your COMPLICITY and your SUPPORT by purchasing a ticket.
Thank you!


FULL TICKET daily 7 euros
REDUCED TICKET * daily 4 euros
• reduced for spectators under the age of 26 and over 65

Tickets can be purchased on the days of the events directly at the info-point / ticket office of the festival in Largo Spartaco .Please arrive at least 15 minutes before each performance.


> A RESERVATION is required for the following shows which have a limited capacity of spectators:

15 Sept. 21:30 hrs ROBERTO LATINI / FORTEBRACCIO THEATER “The Giants of the Mountain”
20 Sept 21:30 hrs ALESSANDRO CARBONI “As If We Were Dust”
21 Sept. 21:00 hrs KINKALERI ” Ascent & Fall”
27 Sept. 22:00 hrs ANDREA COSENTINO “Primi passi sulla luna”
28 Sept 21:00 hrs MARGINE OPERATIVO ” Cyborg Medusas”
For these shows, the meeting point for spectators is at the Largo Spartaco info point


Tel + sms + WhatsApp 328.4142223

in case of rain or bad weather, performances will take place in an indoor space.
The provided WORKSHOPS are free for all participants.

For those who reach Largo Spartaco by public transport:
“Numidio Quadrato” station of Metro line A

Largo Spartaco has ample parking
and it is a space without architectural barriers