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ROME | 14 – 28 September 2019 |

days of events: 14,15,20, 21,22,27,28 September

Toffia (Rieti) | 5 and 6 October |


Attraversamenti Multipli 2019 takes place in urban spaces .For each show/ performance there TICKETS come AT POPULAR PRICES . Each ticket helps us make this edition of the festival sustainable.By choice no urban space “inhabited ” by Attraversamenti Multipli will be “closed” or cordoned off, everything will be accessible and “open”.You can buy tickets directly at the festival’s infopoint / ticket office in Largo Spartaco.
We ask for your COMPLICITY and your SUPPORT by purchasing a ticket.
Thank you!


FULL TICKET daily 7 euros
REDUCED TICKET * daily 4 euros
• reduced for spectators under the age of 26 and over 65

Tickets can be purchased on the days of the events directly at the info-point / ticket office of the festival in Largo Spartaco .Please arrive at least 15 minutes before each performance.


> A RESERVATION is required for the following shows which have a limited capacity of spectators:

15 Sept. 21:30 hrs ROBERTO LATINI / FORTEBRACCIO THEATER “The Giants of the Mountain”
20 Sept 21:30 hrs ALESSANDRO CARBONI “As If We Were Dust”
21 Sept. 21:00 hrs KINKALERI ” Ascent & Fall”
27 Sept. 22:00 hrs ANDREA COSENTINO “Primi passi sulla luna”
28 Sept 21:00 hrs MARGINE OPERATIVO ” Cyborg Medusas”
For these shows, the meeting point for spectators is at the Largo Spartaco info point


Tel + sms + WhatsApp 328.4142223



The provided WORKSHOPS are free for all participants.

For those who reach Largo Spartaco by public transport:
“Numidio Quadrato” station of Metro line A

Largo Spartaco has ample parking
and it is a space without architectural barriers