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The editorial staff of the Blog of the festival Attraversamenti Multipli 2019 is edited by Spettatori Migranti / Attori sociali , a project promoted by Luca Lòtano and the editorial staff of Teatro e Critica, a theatre and dance webmagazine

Spettatori Migranti / Attori sociali is promoted by Luca Lòtano and the editorial staff of Teatro e Critica, a major theatre and dance webmagazine. It’s a workshop of active citizenship that aims at establishing a form of interaction between different cultures through a guided theatre-going experience, which is conceived as a social practice. Spectatorship is enriched by insights into theatrical languages and participation in the creative processes. Language practice, production of various forms of contents and their publication on an independent website allow those who take turn in joining the editorial board to be an active part of a cultural community. Discussions on works of art and critical practice not only help understand aesthetics and artistic trends, the same practice encourages every social actor – both migrants and residents – to challenge an overall concept of society, also questioning historical, cultural and civic issues. By experimenting modes of action devoted to specific contexts, the project is addressed to reception centers for asylum seekers, theatre institutions, cultural festivals and artistic residences.